Choir Chat

I’ve come up during last 12 months with a quite wide portfolio of choral information and choral resources. One of them, is a podcast channel made of interviews of people that live around choirs. Either composers, singers, conductors… They have just record their 100 episode with the absolutely fabulous composer Jhon Rutter. Have a look, … More Choir Chat

Dirait On

Soon we are performing Dirait On from Morten Lauridsen with our new choir, Cambiata (changing voices) SATB choir, Luzcoræ. I found this on Youtube,  very usefull to understand why the piece is as it is. If I was absolutely fascinated with Dirait On, now that I’ve listen and watched Morten Lauridsen  explain how it was … More Dirait On

Mix it up Moday: Applying yoga principles in voice training

Originalmente publicado en Matthew Edwards:
It is the end of the semester at Shenandoah Conservatory and as students prepare for their juries, I am hearing a lot of complaints of stress induced vocal problems. Students are reporting loss of range, power, intonation, etc. Mental stress can no doubt cause vocal issues and it seemed rather timely when…