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Mix it up Moday: Applying yoga principles in voice training

Matt Edwards

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YogaIt is the end of the semester at Shenandoah Conservatory and as students prepare for their juries, I am hearing a lot of complaints of stress induced vocal problems. Students are reporting loss of range, power, intonation, etc. Mental stress can no doubt cause vocal issues and it seemed rather timely when I picked up the May/June issue of the Journal of Singing to find an article about applying yoga principles in voice therapy. The authors state:

“Professional voice users often experience adverse emotional responses to a voice disorder. These responses may themselves alter laryngeal biomechanics, potentially contributing to visible tension, sustained contraction of the laryngeal strap musculature, use of ventricular (“false vocal fold”) phonation, and a high “resting” position of the laryngeal apparatus. Active use of focused relaxation and breathing techniques seeks to alleviate these physical manifestations of psychological stress.” (p. 512)

It is important to point out that voice teachers…

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