Introduction to classical music

Last week I’ve finished a course on the Coursera online learning platform. I spent last nine weeks completely absorved by this course, delighted with everything about it, and enjoying every single minute working on it.

Coursera is an online platfomr that offers free courses ( they only charge you if you want the certificate) from top Universities around the world. Amazing and passionate teachers that have a smooth way and easy following manner of explaining.

The course, called Introduction to Classical Music, was created by Yale University and is structured in nine weeks. Each of them explores and gives an overall view of the music history periods, from Medieval  till Contemporary music.

This is the ful structure:

Week 1: What is Music

Week 2: How music works, it’s magic

Week 3 The sound of music

Week 4 Music back in the day

Week 5 The Baroque era

Week 6 The Classical era

Week 7 The bridge from Classical to Romantic

Week 8 The Romantic era

Week 9 Music to the present


Each week contains specific topics of conversation, touching not only music history facts but music technical descriptions, pratical examples, videos from classes of the Yale University, quizzes ( not hard ones, but they help to review what you have just learnt) and conversations with students and guest musicians

But what makes this course great, is the tutor that teaches it, Craig Wrigt. Wondeful teacher, wonderful pianist and a man who transmits passion for classical music and teaching.

I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested on classical music or music history, musician or not, with lots of knowledge about the subject or no idea.This is a course that gives a different point of view of classical music and the way of teaching it.


See you next time!




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