EMJ Festival !!

2012 was my first year in Neerpelt.

I competed as singer with a femenine choir in the equal voices category under 28 years. And everything about it was over my expectations. It blew up what I thought choral singing was. And what is even greater, I repeated that experience in 2014 as public and this weekend I am experiencing it as conductor.

Today I want to tell you about this Festival and why is so special.

The European Youth Music Festival takes place each year in Neerpelt, North Belgium -close to the border with Holland. It is one of the top choral festivals of Europe in terms of number of choirs attending, events and shows whithin it, quality and volumen of people working. It is completelly dedicated to the youth choralists under the age of 28 years old.

First done in 1953, since then it is being sucessfully dedicated to bring groups of youth singers and youth players to four days of music celebration and joy.

They alternate editions, one year is dedicated to choral singing and the following is to orchestral.

Several categories in wich you can compete:

Childrens under 12, childrens under 14, equal voices under 28, mixed youth choirs under 28 and pennant categories, childrens, equal voices and mixed.

All of them have a compulsory song to be performed, composed by a Belgium composer.

Each day of the Festival is a party, starting with the kick off and fireworks on Friday, and ending with parades and the proclamation each day after the jury performances.

Also there are wonderful workshops lead by Belgium choral conductors, activities and informal concerts. And, on the top of that, if you are selected as one of the outstading choirs, you can sing at the Laureate concert.

I strongly recommend attending with your choir, is a very positive experience where they get to know other choral singers and chanllenge themselves with the choral perfomance in front of the Jury

Here I leave you its webpage!



Bonus: They have also a wonderful Youtube Channel! 😀

See you next time!




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